eBook Launch at #EEC15

We are very excited today to be launching our new eBook titled “10 Reasons B2B companies need social media”. Jonathan is presenting the highlights at the EEC15 in Bilbao, Spain. Home to the Guggenheim!

We work closely with B2B organisations to develop their social strategies and we thought it was about time to create a report, which looks at the fundamentals of what a social strategy is all about.

B2C companies have eagerly embraced the use of social technologies however their use is still often owned by the marketing teams. B2B companies on the other hand, have stood mostly on the sidelines, struggling to see specifically how a Facebook page or Twitter handle could really help their business

At Orca Social, we believe that this often comes down to a limited view of what social media is. It is more than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest. It is more than the sum of its platforms and more than comments, likes or shares.

Fundamentally, it is the result of technology opening up communication, collaboration and the sharing of information across networks of people.

B2B organisations have a great opportunity to create an organisational social media strategy, which breaks down the functional silos of business functions. This is essential for companies to compete as we move from “Web 2.0” to the “Social Web”.

We hope the eBook provides food for thought for both B2B and B2C companies in defining their own strategies. Please click here to download. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

A few tweets from the launch in Bilbao

Here’s a couple of the live-tweets posted during Jonathan’s presentation. It should give you a better idea of the venue and the atmosphere there…