From sell-out to sell more: Social media has changed the B2B sales process

As we know, the purpose of building B2B relationships is to increase sales. In an ever changing landscape where technology is changing not only the way we interact, but the way we sell, it is important for salespeople to keep up with the latest sales techniques or risk being left behind.

Social media has a key role to play in modern selling, especially in the B2B world. Though the psychological stages of the sales process are consistent with what has been used in the past, the dynamic of getting a buyer to the next stage has shifted. Traditional strategies such as cold calling, email, networking conferences and F2F meetups can be assisted by implementing new social strategies that help the salesperson engage with their prospects.

Social selling is no quick fix and may take some time to put certain practices into place, but the long term ROI is more than worth it.

Integrating social strategies into your sales program is vital to the ongoing success of a B2B company. This requires an element of creativity and trying to anticipate the needs of your audience. By thinking outside the box and embracing the opportunities that come with social technologies, B2Bs can stand out and reach prospects in innovative ways. One such innovative way came from Danske Bank in 2014.

To creatively engage with the valuable B2B clients they were after, they up-skilled key team members in a trial Social Ambassador program. The purpose was for these ambassadors to build authority on LinkedIn and attract new leads.

It worked.

The small 8 week pilot of 35 ambassadors resulted in 464 pieces of content, 75,000 impressions and 787 new business connections. Danske Bank offer a great example of creatively using social to get new business leads.

The following infographic shows a number of ways you can use social to kickstart your social selling along the stages of your sales cycle.


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