My 4 months’ journey at Orca Social

4 months almost passed. I am coming close to the end of my internship in Málaga, Spain. My internship at Orca Social has really been a challenge. I got to experience the international business world and I developed a new set of skills.

During these 4 months I realised something really important. Social media and digital technologies have changed the way we connect, interact, and the way we live our lives. But that influence has evolved over time. The impact of their presence are leading transformational shifts within our world, both online and offline. This is one of the things that I find most interesting about social media. Social media is great for entertainment and for engaging people in exciting ways, but the true power of the medium is in its connectivity, in its ability to link us together. Through social data, we can see shifts in behaviour and sentiment, all happening in real time social can advance the conversation around any topic simply by providing each participant with a voice.

Assignments during my internship

  • Populating my LinkedIn and Twitter account
  • eBook ‘’10 Reasons Why B2B Companies Need Social Media’’ available at
  • Digital Marketing Report covering Web and Social
  • Social Selling activities with the goal of developing new business opportunities
  • CRM system analysis
  • Community management tasks on Facebook
  • Execution of marketing campaigns and activities
  • Marketing plan development
  • General administration of the company’s office space

For a detailed description of my tasks during my internship, take a look at my LinkedIn blog post via

Company Culture

Orca Social is led by 3 entrepreneurs. Jonathan Wichmann is based in Copenhagen, Ed Major in London and Ben Kolp in Málaga. Ben has been my supervisor during these 4 months. We had our weekly catch-up call with the 4 of us every Friday afternoon. The funny thing is, I have not even met Jonathan and Ed in real life. All our meetings and conversations were remotely. The prevalence of smartphones and social media and other platforms make it possible for us to communicate effectively without being next to each other. For questions about operations and tech I could ask Ed. For information about content and strategy I could contact Jonathan. I have been working next to Ben for the last 4 months who is responsible for customer happiness. I immediately felt accepted by the company because I could contact every single one of them when needed.

Working at Orca Social means that I am part of a small team. In this way I got the opportunity to develop my own skills, approach problems in my own way, and think in my own way. As you can see in the tasks described above, I got a lot of responsibility. This also pushed me to be more adaptable, more reliable, and more productive than in any other project I’d undertaken – in other jobs or at any time during school. At a bigger company, I may not have been given the same opportunity or had an entire company rely on the work that I did. Was I the most important part of the team? Definitely not. But was I an important part of it? That for sure! For me, that’s an empowering place to be during my internship.

An internship is not about making money, it’s about the experience that will outweigh the pay cut. At a startup I have more opportunities to grow and build toward any future undertaking. Another advantage is that I am not stuck with main tasks and I can develop myself into other areas. Working at Orca Social allowed me to try on a lot of different things, even things I didn’t think I would like, but found out that I did. I have been able to take part in different tasks, from video editing to creating a Twitter campaign to developing a marketing plan. I started feeling comfortable to work in different areas.

Working with 3 entrepreneurs made me realize that these people are some of the best people to learn from. Entrepreneurs are defined by seeing a problem and thinking of an innovative and original way of addressing it. They approach problems differently, are constantly finding solutions, and are driven to make the most out of their time and work. They showed me different perspectives. Every successful startup has true innovators, and I found the right ones, and learned plenty.

When you are working for a big company, the chances are high that your hard work is going to be ignored by the boss. But at a startup, it’s noticed when a job is done well and credit will be given when that is earned. If I succeed, the team will recognize it immediately. This kept me focused. When the rest of the team said ‘’She was key to this eBook in terms of researching various reasons on why B2B companies need to focus more on social technologies’’, I was confident that they meant it.

Thank you Ben, Ed and Jonathan, for making this a fun, challenging and educational experience!

Chi Kwan