Orca Social’s 2015 B2B Social Media Predictions

First of all, thank you for your interest in what we have been doing here at Orca Social this year.

We thought it would be a good time to give you our predictions on what we think leading B2B companies will invest in in 2015. In our opinion, there are two big things to look out for.

– – –

1. Employee Advocacy

With the organic reach of companies social media profiles going down to record lows we are finding that companies are looking to invest in developing their employees use of social media. The reach of your employees is on average 10x higher than companies social profiles.

Trust is key with employee advocacy as 92% of Americans trust recommendations from family and friends but only 47% of Americans trust advertising from companies.

With the increased pressure on delivering content we will see companies look to employees outside the marketing department to help produce this.

2. Collaborative Economy

Companies have been able to get involved in the collaborative economy by tapping into their social networks. We have seen some great examples of how B2B companies have started partnering with the collaborative platforms such as Airbnb and Concur.

The VCs have invested over $8.5Bn in collaborative technology companies compared with the $5.4Bn, which was invested in the social networks. We think that investments from all fronts will continue in this area.

– – –

And that’s it for now! We hope you find these topics interesting and we would love to hear your predictions.

All the best with the end of the year and we wish you a great start to 2015.

Our predictions were supported from the work of Jay Baer and Jeremiah Owyang. More information can be found here and here.