Webinar: Scaling Social Media Across B2B Companies

Last week, Orca Social co-hosted a webinar with Hootsuite. The title was Scaling Social Media Across B2B Companies, and I basically talked about the Maersk Line in social media case. So it was about how we got started in Maersk Line, our approach and thoughts, what other B2B companies can learn from the example etc.

I also talked about next steps and – as the title suggests – how large B2Bs can scale social in a meaningful way.

So why so much focus on the Maersk Line story? 1) Because it’s still a really good story (social media done from within with little means, but with great effect in a huge B2B company in a conservative industry); 2) Because in a way the model behind the success of Maersk Line in social media is what we in Orca Social are offering to our clients.

You can listen to the webinar here, feat. Rylan Holey (Partner Manager EMEA at Hootsuite) and myself: